Study Circle

Sri Aurobindo's Action West Bengal organizes Sri Aurobindo Study circles and Ladies Study circles in areas of the State where works and thoughts of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother are discussed with respect to implementations in daily lives.

State Conference on pressing issues are held once in a year. The Annual Programme of the West bengal Chapter is held every year on 29th July - the foundation day of the Organization. In addition, conferences on pressing issues as well as the agenda of Sri Aurobindo's Action in the State are held district-wise. Youth programmes arte also organized.

Sri Aurobindo's Action West Bengal also works as a 'Pan-State Platform' to collaborate with all the centres and associated with them on many issues.


Publication of a monthly bulletin of low-priced edition in Bengali…

Study Circle

Where works and thoughts of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother are discussed…

Education Cell

Organizes workshops on the educational thoughts of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother…


Publications are done on pressing demands in a very lucid language…

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